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History of, a Green Bay Web Design Company

History of, a Web Design Company began in 1999 after Mark Summerfield saw a need for local auto dealers to list their inventory on the internet. Mark had been running a different online business with his brother at the time relating to sports entertainment; however his brother wanted to make a career change. As Mark began approaching auto dealers with the inventory management system, he saw a real opportunity and was born. Mark began operating the business full time. Although growth was slow, it was also steady as more dealers began to understand the importance of the web to their business. In addition to the auto inventory management system began designing their first website with the auto dealer in mind. Designs and updates began to take on a crucial role for the business.

As the company's client list grew, it also started taking on projects outside of the automotive industry. Such projects included hosting, ecommerce shopping carts for local retailers, new websites for area businesses, content management solutions for pre-existing websites, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, professional photography, copywriting, blogs, and database oriented solutions. While the company grew into an all around web solution provider, the automotive aspect grew as well. Vehicle photography became an integral part of services provided as well as the automatic import/export feeds for automotive portals and the development of a low cost online inventory management system for small used car dealers.

Today is proud to still have many of the same clients that were there in the beginning. focuses on improving business for the client through the utilization of the web. Practically everyone can agree that the web is an important asset for every business and can anticipate what solutions will serve each business the best. will continue to dedicate itself to learning what current and future technologies will most benefit businesses and taking advantage of them in a cost effective manner. Automotive inventory, ecommerce, design, social networking, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing will lead the company into the years ahead.


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