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Online Automotive Inventory Management in Green Bay, WI

Online Automotive Inventory Management in Green Bay, WI

Increase online automotive sales and generate more leads via the internet with web based automotive inventory software management system and web design services.

Another great feature of having your online vehicle inventory managed by is being apart of the local automotive portal is the go to place for people searching for a new or used car in the Green Bay area. It is number one in the search engines for many different popular keywords and recieves over 55,000 pageviews per month.

New Car Dealer Inventory

For new car dealerships implements the inventory online (IOL) vehicle marketing suite created by HomeNet. IOL's suite of web-based applications make it easy for dealers to duplicate the same emotional call-to-action used in their traditional marketing, effectively turning their online inventory into powerful online marketing. Many of the country's top dealers, including 41 of the 50 highest volume dealership groups, use IOL to recreate that on the lot experience throughout all of their online marketing channels. Currently processing more than 2.5 million vehicles daily, IOL streamlines the process of converting raw vehicle data from the DMS (dealer management system) into vehicle advertisements, which are then distributed to any online destination. Complete with DMS polling, premium VIN enhancement, an intuitive online interface, automated distribution to 3rd-party services, and much more, IOL is the most comprehensive solution of its kind serving the automotive industry.

In addition to the IOL suite of web based applications, has programmed an enhanced and integrated display system for the dealer's own website. The inventory is integrated into the dealer's website with many customizable options for browse, search, and details pages. An embedded search is a user friendly integration. Search by new, used, certified, make, model, body style, color, year, or miles. Sort the results and add multiple images, video, interactive contact buttons, icons, features, and description to the details page.

Used Car Dealer Inventory has developed a low cost solution for used car dealers. It has many of the great features that IOL comes with and has the capability to import and export from just about any medium. In addition to importing and exporting from car portals (such as, the dealer has the option to manually add cars via the online vehicle management system. The online vehicle management system also comes with a premium image uploader. Dealers can also choose to export their data to other online portals such as and autotrader.


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