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Web Design Green Bay, WI:
SEO Services & Website Development Company employs a staff of professional web designers that are experts at mobile website design and responsive web design. Our custom web design services will make an impression on current and future customers increasing your return on investment. Our websites are functional, lightweight, and easy to find on search engines with standard on page search engine optimization (SEO). built using the latest technological standards.

Mobile Website Design

Making functional and fast loading websites that are optimized for smartphones and tablets is a necessity now that mobile users are frequently a larger portion of website traffic. Our staff has the experience to make sure it's done right.
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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a specific method of mobile web design. The web designer formulates coding rules which respond to the user's browser size and rearranges the layout and functionality accordingly. Our web design agency began implementing responsive web design rules prior to it becoming the defacto method of mobile web design.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A visually pleasing and functional web design is only one part of what makes a website successful. If current and potential customers aren't able to easily find your website via major search engines like Google then your website isn't capitalizing on its potential. Although we always recommend ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) all of our comapny's custom website designs come with on-site search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to on-site search engine optimization for our custom web designs we also offer search engine optimization (SEO) as a separate service. Make sure your business is getting found not just for the company's brand name, but also when searching for relevant products or services.
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Easy Ecommerce Software

It's no secret shopping online has exponentially gained in popularity in recent years. A brick and mortar store can no longer ignore the demands of an online economy. is a certified ecommerce web developer that works on a feature rich, flexible, and affordable platform that offers merchants room to grow and the tools needed to be successful in the online arena. Whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer, startup, or own a store that is looking to branch out in ecommerce shopping, we can take the stress and hassle out of ecommerce and online storefronts. We are ecommerce specialists offering a simple and easy hosted solution with custom ecommerce design and affordable ecommerce packages. Sell online and take control of your online future.
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Automotive Inventory

Automotive inventory software that lets your customers have access to your vehicle inventory 24/7 and in the convenience of their home, office, or on the go. IPSSolutions also offers vehicle photography, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), local directory cleanup, as well as import/export services to other online portals. Expand your customer base.
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Digital Marketing Services offers a full line of internet marketing services including search engine marketing (SEM and pay per click ads), retargeting ads, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, graphic design, copyrighting, social media marketing, and blogs. In addition to our web development services based in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area also acquired the marketing agency Boettcher Communications located in Door County, Wisconsin in 2014.
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Website Hosting

A good website design can't perform well if the web host isn't up to snuff. That's why we host our web design projects on our own dedicated servers. We make sure our websites have plentiful resources and premium equipment to perform at their peak potential at all times. Hosting our own websites also allows us to offer the best support to our customers and more easily diagnose and troubleshoot any potential issues. Our hosting platform provides consistent performance, tightened security, hacker resistance, custom development, and painless support.
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Content Management Solutions & Wordpress Website Design

The most popular content management solution on the internet is the open source Wordpress platform. If you know you or your company's marketing department would like to maintain a blog, manage, and/or edit your website using an online WYSIWYG editor, Wordpress can be a great option if implemented correctly with a good host. Wordpress website design is a service we specialize in, whether you're looking for a custom design or a prepackaged theme and assistance with site setup and launch.
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Contact Mark at to discuss your business's internet and marketing based needs. Call Mark at 920.265.8860Send Mark an email or fill out our online contact form to see how we can help you!
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Green Bay Web Design - Recent Projects

Below is a selection of IPSSolutions' custom web designs paired with the goals of the design. Most often our clients have a vision of what they would like to see in their website and our design team makes those goals a reality in a web friendly form. All our website designs utilize basic on page search engine optimization and we go to great lengths to make sure a clients' web design specifications are followed. If you're not sure what you want in a website design we can take you through a process to glean some insights on your preferences and work out a web design from there. Interested in seeing more examples of IPSSolutions' web design skills, click here to view a more detailed web design portfolio broken down by sections.


Green Bay, Appleton, and Door County Web Design has designed websites for clients all over the country and even internationally. Locally operates in the Northeast Wisconsin in areas such as Green Bay, Appleton, Sturgeon Bay, and Door County.

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