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Mobile and Responsive Web Designers and Website Developers in Green Bay, WI

Mobile Web Design & Responsive Web Design in Green Bay, WI

Mobile Website Design and Responsive Web Design in Green Bay, has extensive experience in developing for the mobile environment, both for smartphones and tablets. The ubiquity of mobile devices has necessitated the development of sites focusing on the mobile user. Our experience includes advanced ecommerce based websites and automotive inventory based websites as well as custom designed websites. There are several approaches one can take when working on mobile web design and mobile web apps. Below are two of the main approaches. There are positive and negative aspects to each, although we typically recommend a responsive web design.


Responsive Web Design in Green Bay, WI

A responsive web design uses the latest technology to create a website that will actually adapt to and rearrange itself based on the users screen size. This approach serves the same website to every device, although it will be optimized for each device and will look different on varying screen sizes.


Standalone Mobile Website Design in Green Bay, WI

A standalone mobile web design is exactly what it sounds like. Websites are generally designed with a desktop or laptop computer in mind as the audience. The same can be done for mobile websites. A web designer can design a website specifically targeted to the mobile screen and mobile device. After both designs are complete a user can redirected to the appropriate website based on the what device they?re accessing it from.



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